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50% Tuition For New Students Fall 2022

50% Tuition Scholarship for ALL NEW Kalispell Students!

First: The new Montana Christian College campus in Kalispell presents the opportunity to have a fresh adventure together. The dorms are roomy and comfortable, the classrooms have modern appointments conducive to learning, and our administration, faculty, and staff anticipate sharing this mountain retreat with you.   

Because God has blessed us with this gorgeous campus, and because we are committed to offering a quality Christian education that is affordable, we want to grant a 50% tuition scholarship for the Fall 2022 semester for all new Kalispel students.

How does this work? Instead of charging $10,000 in tuition this Fall 2022 semester, your tuition will be only $5,000. And Montana Christian College maintains one of the lowest rates for room and board in the country at $2,500 per semester. This means you will receive room and board and a full-time load of classes (12-18 credit hours) during the Fall 2022 semester for only $7,500. You may also apply for any external scholarships to reduce your cost even further. 

Second: Montana Christian College offers each student an Internal Work Study program of $6000.00 per year. That means each semester, you can earn an additional $3000.00. The student will work 10 hours per week on the campus of YCC. The work-study will apply the scholarship to the student’s account. The first-semester tuition will only be $2000.00 per student. The second semester will be $7000.00. The total tuition for the first year at YCC is $9000 plus room and board.  Your new adventure is affordable and waiting on you. 

Third: Montana Christian College no longer accepts Federal Student Aid. MCC’s Board of Directors and President have determined that discount tuition rates mean more aid to the student than the typical federal program. Please come and start your new adventure at MCC.

I look forward to your arrival in Kalispell in August 2022.


Marvin Jones

Dr. Marvin Jones


Montana Christian College

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