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A Tribute to Charles Stanley

A giant has fallen in Georgia only to arrive in the best place Heaven. Dr. Charles Stanley, the iconic
pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta, passed away today, April 18, 2023. He built his ministry on the
inerrancy of Scripture, and he stood unapologetically and compassionately on that theological
foundation. Charles Stanley led the SBC during a time when the heat of the Conservative Resurgence
was in full swing. Yet his demeanor and personal conviction never wavered during that challenging time.

I learned of Dr. Stanley when I was a young preacher in the early 1980s. My pastor bought me his
sermon series on “The Cross.” It was the most exciting and informative series on the Cross that I have
ever heard, and it still impacts me today.

Charles Stanley lives in the presence of the Savior he served. His faith is now sight, and he hears the
words of the Lord’s acclimation, “Well done and welcome home Charles Stanley.”

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