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Work Study Program

Students may apply for a limited number of campus jobs, which require 10 hours a week for 15 weeks per semester. If the students take advantage of this program, the first-year tuition is approximately $16,000 plus dorm rooms, meals, and tech fees of $5,400.

Academic Scholarships

Each year, MCC will award four academic scholarships for a total of $5,000 (for the first semester per student). In order to maintain the academic scholarship, the student must maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA. GPA is cumulative, and scholarship availability is determined at the end of each semester.

Zhane Sue Asiingaghmii Akeya, of the Siberian Yupik tribe, Scholarship

Montana Christian College is pleased to announce the Zhane Sue Asiingaghmii Akeya, of the Siberian Yupik tribe, scholarship in memory of one of our students, Zhane “Nae” Akeya. MCC has developed this scholarship in partnership with several donors to bring awareness to the increasing issue of suicide in the state of Montana and across Native American tribes.

Social Rehabilitation Services

Contact the Financial Aid Office for information on courses approved by the Social Rehabilitation Services for students retraining with handicap benefits.

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