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Our goal is for students to have biblically grounded knowledge applicable in their everyday life, regardless of their chosen careers. We also believe men and women are called to serve the Lord in everything they do. MCC desires students to shape the church and the community around them.

Biblical Worldview

Every degree has a biblical foundation. The General Curriculum requires five biblical classes and introductory general courses such as English, History, and Math. The general courses are taught with the biblical adage that all truth is God’s truth. Thus, English, History, and Math are not man-made concepts they are God’s truth that He placed in our world.

Critical Thinking Skills

At Montana Christian College, we teach our students to use Critical Thinking Skills to create a rationale argument, discern the weakness of differing positions, and make life applications with those skills. Our goal is to equip young men and women with critical thinking skills to prepare them with God’s knowledge for their vocation.

Preparation of Life

The goal is to produce God’s students with the ability to enter their vocation prepared to serve God, the church, and the community. Each degree will offer an internship that prepares them for the marketplace of their chosen career. The graduate with a biblical worldview and critical thinking skills will be able to adapt their professional lives to preparing them to be servants of Christ in the workplace. At Montana Christian College, we call this marketplace ministry.

Montana Lifestyle

Our Lord created a beautiful place called Montana. Our College is located near Glacier Park, we are a 30-minute drive to Whitefish (skiing and Shopping) and another 45-minute drive to Flathead Lake. The real attraction, though, is our campus. Our dorms are in a lodge environment. You will experience serene moments of your choosing, you will encounter Montana wildlife (Turkey, Deer, and Elk). On Tuesday evenings, you may walk trails, experience picturesque snow scenes, and enjoy hot cocoa with the President. You will be able to study God’s word in God’s creation.