Montana Christian College

Honors Program

Become part of a dedicated group of college students striving for academic excellence and deepening their understanding of biblical truths. Delve into the depths of Scripture to uncover the profound theology and timeless wisdom that have shaped our faith.


Discover the inspired and authoritative Word of God, forming lasting bonds with fellow believers on this journey. Experience the opportunity to partake in influential conferences and events that will enrich your spiritual growth.

Approach your studies with a spirit of inquiry and dedication to honoring God's Word. Embark on the path to academic excellence by becoming a distinguished member of our honors program today!

Course Of Study

The Honors Program can be completed as part of any four-year degree and is designed to give you the opportunity to pursue in-depth study. Here’s how the experience is structured:

Field Trips

  • One trip is taken each semester to a seminar, conference, exhibit, or attraction.  These
    trips provide an academically interesting experience while giving the group time to
    connect and bond over their shared pursuits.

Honors Study Group

  • Honors students meet regularly with the Honors Program Director for a deeper dive on
    subjects of interest to the group.


  • Mentoring through close interaction with professors
  • Oxford Trip, Summer before Senior year
  • Fireside Chats
  • The Honors Program is designated on official transcripts and diplomas
  • 3.5 GPA or higher, 3.2 Provisionally Accepted

In the MCC Honors Program, students are required to uphold a 3.5 cumulative GPA. In addition, for each of the ten honors courses they enroll in, students must adhere to the specific honors criteria, which may involve tasks like composing an additional paper, reviewing, and presenting on an extra book, facilitating a portion of a class session, or a combination of these requirements.

Furthermore, honors students are eligible to take part in the prestigious Oxford Distinguished Scholars term over the summer prior to their senior year. Those who satisfactorily finish the Honors Program will be awarded a presidential letter and certificate in recognition of their achievements.

Eligibility & Requirements

Classes Being Offered as Part of the Honors Program

These classes will be offered in a rotation during the 4 year program:

HSTR101 – Western Civ 1
HSTR102 – Western Civ 2
PHIL 101 – Intro to Philosophy
WRIT 101 – College Writing 1
WRIT 201 – College Writing 2
TH201 – Systematic Theology 1
TH301 – Systematic Theology 2
TH303 – Christian Apologetics
TH307 – Biblical Ethics
CAP455 – Capstone

Live, Learn, and Grow in Beautiful Montana, God’s Creation,

where every degree has a biblical foundation.


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