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Private College Education at an Affordable Rate

Costs of an education are maintained as low as sound business practices permit and are among the lowest to be found in private senior colleges. The actual cost, considerably more than the student pays, is underwritten from the gifts of individual donors, churches, and other organizations. Scholarships are available upon consultation with the president.

Scholarships are available upon consultation with the president. A work-study program is also available, which reduces tuition by another $6,000 per year. And the students may use more than one scholarships for the possible scholarships.

Student Tuition and Fees Per Semester​

All incoming freshman and international students not from the immediate area, or host family in the immediate area, must live in the MCC dorms. Students who are from the immediate area and will continue to reside at home will have the option to live in the dorms or continue living at home. Students may apply to be exempt from this requirement.

Direct Costs Fall Spring Yearly
Full-Time Tuition & Fees (12-18 Credit-Hours )
Room Rates (Men’s/Women’s)
Meal Plan (14 Meals Each Week)
Total Direct Costs

Additional Expenses

In addition to the tuition, fees, and room & board charges, the students should plan for personal expenses to cover personal supplies, course textbooks, and/or special fees as shown in the schedule.

Payment of Tuition and Fees​

Tuition, fees, and room & board (if applicable) become the liability and obligation of the student. All costs associated with tuition and fees are due and payable at registration. Payment plans must be approved before the first day of classes as shown on the Academic Calendar. In addition to payment of tuition and all fees, no student may complete his/her semester without paying all library fines and returning all items. Final grades will not be posted, and transcripts will not be released until all obligations to the college have been met.

Failure to make payments of indebtedness to the College is considered sufficient cause until debt is settled to (1) prohibit future enrollment and (2) withhold grades and transcript of records. Students will not be permitted to receive their semester’s grades or any official or unofficial transcript. Unpaid bills six months past due will be handed to a collection agency for collection. This includes the recovery of costs associated with paying your bill late (up to 23% penalty).


Students without an outstanding account balance are eligible for a partial (90%) refund for regular semester classes dropped or withdrawal from the college by the semester’s 8th day as shown on the Academic Calendar. All other fees are not refundable once classes begin. Students enrolled in accelerated courses (5-, 6-, 7- or 8-week term) may drop course(s) without penalty up until the payment deadline before the course start date. Students may drop the course(s) by the end of the third day of classes with a 90% refund minus a $50 fee.

Room and board charges may be refunded upon written request to the Business Office. A check will be sent to the address left by the student withdrawing from the College. Refunds are prorated by the residence hall dates, room condition, and return of room keys.

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