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Life on Campus

Montana Christian College reflects a student-friendly atmosphere through activities like bonfires, games, cultural events, and coffee with the President, fostering an exciting and enriching campus experience.

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Private College Education at an Affordable Rate​

Costs of an education are maintained as low as sound business practices permit and are among the lowest to be found in private senior colleges. The actual cost, considerably more than the student pays, is underwritten from the gifts of individual donors, churches, and other organizations. Scholarships are available upon consultation with the president.

On Campus Activities

Basketball & Full Gym

Stay fit year 'round in our gym that includes a full length basketball court, rock climbing wall, weight room, and swimming pool.

Gardening & Outdoors

Our students enjoy quiet time in God's creation while gardening, taking a walk or sitting in the shade.

Games & Group Activities

Our students make lifelong friends while playing games and taking part in other activities together.

Our Student Community Covenant

MCC’s Student Community Covenant is rooted in an orthodox Judeo-Christian history since its founding. All students are expected not only to honor the Covenant, but also to promote it by providing accountability and, when necessary, correction to their friends and peers.

At the beginning of each year, the student is asked to affirm their agreement with the Community Covenant. While it is not a complete expression of all rules and guidelines, it is a summary of many of that which we deem important to spiritual development and community

To be in covenant means two parties (in this case, MCC and its students) have come into a spiritual promise with one another. The covenant is as follows:

- We covenant together to express our love for God through our obedience to the authority of His Word, our practice of spiritual disciplines, and regular expressions of worship and Christian services.

- We covenant together to express our love for others through acts of kindness, wholesome and uplifting speech, redemptive expressions of confrontation and forgiveness, merciful acts to those in need, and loving proclamation of the gospel.

- We covenant together to be people of integrity and self-control, truthful in our speech, honest in our conduct, and morally pure in both thought and action.

- We covenant together to pursue excellence in all that we do as an expression of our gratitude to God and our desire to be good stewards of all God’s gifts, including our talents, time, and resources.

Our Laws and Ethics

Equipping students to honor Christ and serve others with committed excellence.

Live, Learn, and Grow in Beautiful Montana, God’s Creation,

where every degree has a biblical foundation.

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