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MCC initiates Harvest Prayer Day

KALISPELL, Mont. — Montana Christian College engaged its entire campus family in its first Harvest Prayer Day emphasizing the need for student recruitment, January 24.

“We had a great turnout for our prayer effort,” said Dr. Marvin Jones, president of MCC in Kalispell, Montana. “We were blessed and pleasantly surprised to have Board Chairman Luke Taylor attend and pray with our students.” Taylor is pastor of Veneration Church in Kalispell.

“First, there is such power in prayer,” Taylor said. “If Jesus prioritized prayer, how much more should we? I wasn’t going to miss it.” 

Taylor was encouraged to “see the students seeking the face of God. Our school needs to be both founded upon and grounded in prayer because God responds to the prayers of his people.” 

The students are “blessed to be on the ground floor of what, I believe, God is wanting to do. How amazing for them to be able to look back 20 years from now and see what their prayers produced for the Kingdom of God.”

“What a way to build the students’ faith. Prayer increases our dependence upon God and God responds to dependence and humility. He has given us full access to heaven through the cross,” Taylor added. “It amazes me that God wants to hear from us and is waiting with an open ear for us to bring our requests before Him. Because of what Christ has done, we can go before him with boldness and confidence and believe him to respond to our prayers for MCC.”

Some students remarked that the prayer time was “amazing,” he said.

Taylor encouraged Montana Baptists to send their college students to MCC. “Not all college students are going to be pastors. But I think it’s a beautiful thing for our students to stay in state to be trained in the Gospel and to affect the local culture regardless of their career choices. A degree from MCC is a great option.”

Jones said he is “grateful for our students. They love the Lord, and it shows in their attitude.” He said the discussions they initiate at lunch are “biblically centered and it’s a delight to be around them.”

Every Tuesday is designated for prayer at MCC and praying for God to send new students will continue, Jones said.

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